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Last updated 11.09.2018

By using the Cudomedia OÜ website, our Services or our Products, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

To enhance the privacy of the Customer ("Your" or "the Customer"). The Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "Our" or "Me") is:

Cudomedia OÜ
Tornimäe st 5
Floor II
Tallinn 10145
Estonia / EU

Reg nr 11008795
VAT (KMKR) no. (Not mandatory for KM)
Registered in Estonia / EU

Phone: (+372) 54 58 6777

1. The promise of Cudomedia OÜ
Cudomedia OÜ respects your privacy and assures that all your personal and sensitive information that is entrusted to us is handled in accordance with applicable law and is maintained in accordance with the applicable data protection requirements. Everything that identifies your person is considered personal and / or sensitive.

2. Verification of information
Cudomedia OÜ verifies the data entered and agrees that it will deal with it in accordance with the applicable data protection requirements. Our up-to-date contact information can be found on our website at Contact.
3. How does Cudomedia OÜ collect information?
Cudomedia OÜ collects information about you when you send us a request, visit our website, communicate with us through various online messengers, call us for a query, send us a letter or write us an e-mail.

More specifically, the information includes:
Your name
Your email address
Your company name, address, phone number and mobile number

Use of your information
We confirm that we use the information we collect from you only for the sole purpose of:

Fulfill Your Desired Requirements
To improve our quality of service
Provide you with the required information
Fulfill Fifth Market Research

Cudomedia OÜ confirms that We will never sell, rent or share your personal or sensitive data with third parties.

4. Regularity
Cudomedia OÜ is committed to keeping your personal information up-to-date. We update your information that we find to be out of date or from which we have been informed at the earliest opportunity.

In order to meet the current data protection requirements, Cudomedia OÜ confirms its willingness to provide you with all the required details that are directly related to you. The corresponding service is accompanied by an administration fee of 10€ from the second inquiry for each type of subsequent request.

5. Internet activity
Cudomedia OÜ collects information if you visit our website. Specific information is used to analyze the trends of browsing and is not used for your personal identification.

6. Security
In order to prevent unauthorized access to our services or to your personal and / or sensitive information, Cudomedia OÜ has made all reasonable physical, electronic and management systems.

7. Amendments
Cudomedia OÜ reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The date of the last modified date is visible at the top of the page.